About Us

About Us

Our company, as ARS OYUNCAK, entered the sector in 2009 with the production, sales and technical services of coin-operated machines. Keeping up with the ever-developing technology, in recent years it has been importing all kinds of game machines and operating them under the name of ARSPARK ENTERTAINMENT DÜNYASI. We establish turnkey playgrounds and amusement parks and provide service with an understanding that attaches importance to customer satisfaction without compromising our service quality. ARS OYUNCAK, which continues to progress towards making games, entertainment and vending machines that appeal to all age groups, a brand with the confidence it has achieved, works with an approach that produces and follows innovations with its wide range of quality products, technical service and after-sales service quality. ARS OYUNCAK, which produces many domestic gaming machines, which are the first in Turkey, is among the important organizations in the sector. Among the latest technology products; You can purchase simulation games.

Our Vision

Our company; To be an innovative, pioneering organization with a wide range of products in the sector, to be respectful to our customers and work with the desire to provide better service every day than the previous day, to appeal to the desires of our customers in quality and price, to comply with the laws and to always produce quality products, to be the most comprehensive company in the entertainment sector. aims.

Our Mission

ARS TOY; Its mission is to provide services that are extremely valuable to its customers, to offer high quality, rich color models and standard product ranges with the price understanding created by the competitive environment, to provide the sector with an active structure that can respond quickly to changing market conditions, and to ensure that every work done is reliable with high moral standards.